You have to travel far to see close! 

A Nordic Cooperation for Headmasters

You have to travel far to see close!  This is the motto for the Nordic network for headmasters.

The network started in 2003 with participants from Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Faroe Islands – see organizations below.

In the every country there are 2-4 coordinating persons from. Together this group is the called the NOFO (NOrdic FOrum) group. This group meets once a year in March to plan the annual seminar in September. The host country for seminar is main responsible for the concrete planning of the seminar.

Participating countries:

Denmark - CFU, UCL University College

Faroe Islands - Ministry of Education

Sweden - Municipality of Håbo

Finland -  Municipality of Oulu

Finland - Municipality of Liminka

Iceland - Reykjavik and Skagafjordur

Norway - Municipality of Trondheim

Ireland - Dublin West Education Centre

The purpose of Kurs21Nord is to focus on school development in the nordic countries - among others by finding answers to these questions:

 Another purpose is to develop a network of headmasters at a Nordic level and to further the Nordic dimension in the schools involved through school based projects and to develop the competences of the headmasters involved.


UCL University College, Center for Undervisningsmidler. Bettina Skov Halskov - bsha@ucl.dk and Anette Vestergaard - anve@ucl.dk